Google Proxy Friendly

Being a google proxy friendly extension, receive precise email open information about recipient's location, browser, & read date and time with no false opens.

Invisible Tracker Pixel

Use invisible tracker pixel to see who is engaging with your email, then use the customizable OpenedOrNot features to qualify those responses.

Email Open Tracking

Email Open Tracking gets real-time information. Through tracking, you can get updates on the recipient's location, browser, & read date and time with a single click.

Real Time Notification

Receive real-time notification pop-ups when someone opens your email and plans and schedules with real-time notification.

Read-receipts Indicators

Check if a mail has been read by seeing two green ticks. Receive grey ticks for a delivery confirmation.

Link Tracking

Link Tracking receives daily reports to analyze the open rate of Email by looking at various parameters such as read/unread emails count, & more.


Reminders are easily notified with a little snippet of code. Measure the open rate of your emails when someone opens your email without having to log into account.

Daily Reports

Daily Reports analyze detailed reporting of delivered, opened, and clicked emails and is an easy-to-use feature.

Email Activity Timeline

Get entire information regarding the history of tracked emails in a strategically structured way. All information is provided in a simple dashboard.

Gmail Tracker

Gmail Tracker allows you to track the status of your email in real-time. With a single click, check emails you've sent have been opened, read, or unread.

Email Reminder

Get email reminder triggered by the unread email count from your Inbox. You can set a reminder to remind you to complete the desired task at the desired time.

Gmail Notifications

Receive Real-Time Gmail notifications when the recipient reads your email. Plan for all-important strategies to take necessary actions in real-time.

Email Notifications

Get real-time pop-up notifications whenever someone opens your email. Prepare for critical strategies that must be adopted immediately.

Gmail Read Receipt

Receive real-time notifications when emails are opened. receive an instant desktop notification as a Gmail read receipt whenever a recipient opens an email.

Email Tracker

Track your emails and find out if they were read or not. Email tracker lets you get updates on the recipient's location, browser, read date and specific time.

Mail Tracker

Get the status of every email you send, check the delivery status, inspect who read your email, and see how many times they read it through Mail Tracker.

Email Tracking for Gmail

Email Tracking for Gmail verifies the status of every email sent, determines who read your email, and how many times a recipient read your message.

Email Tracker Chrome Extension

Install email tracker chrome extension on your browser for gmail to track who reads your email, as well as the recipient's information.

Email Tracking Tool

Identify who opens and doesn't open your emails so you can identify inactive subscribers and improve your email campaign approach.

Email Tracking Extension

Email tracking extension provides information on when your email is opened, how many times, and where the email was opened.

Track Email

Track email to see whether an email has been delivered and read. You can also track email to find out whether links in an email have been clicked.

Mail Tracker Extension

Free mail tracker extension for Gmail lets you track email opens in real-time. Receive reminders and track the link clicks within the email. Analyze campaigns with daily reports.