Google Proxy Friendly

to get accurate information

Receive precise email open information even for Google proxy servers for updates on the recipient's location, browser, & read date and time.

Google Proxy Friendly

Designed to Work With Gmail Proxy Servers

Ensure no false email opens and access pertinent information on users' location, recipient ID, read date, and device/browser without any data distortion.

proxy leave note


Validate email addresses with server-friendly technology to get precise reports.

no false opens

No False Opens

Receive accurate reports with no false email opens to eliminate your guesswork.



Extension adheres to all legal email tracking policies and follows all compliance procedures.

What Is Google Proxy?

A "Google proxy" refers to a specific "proxy server" form that runs through Google applications. The Proxy Server permits users to access websites without their IP (Internet Protocol) address being recorded by the websites; Google's own IP address will be logged instead. Install the free email tracking tool to receive accurate email open information. Learn more about what is email tracking.

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