Invisible Tracker Pixel

to track user behavior

Invisible tracker pixel is automatic and operates invisibly, giving you more valuable insights into your sent emails.

Invisible Tracker Pixel

Track Emails without Pixel Interference With Invisible Tracker Pixel

Create more tailored content from the data obtained by email tracking pixels.

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measure ab testing

Measure AB Testing

Optimize future campaigns by using email tracking pixels to measure the results of A/B tests.

fast response

Fast Response

Obtain lightning-quick responses in real-time when recipients open emails with pixel tracking.



Tracking pixels don't collect sensitive or personal information such as the recipient's credentials or personal browsing history.

What is Invisible Tracker Pixel?

Marketing pixels, aka tracking pixels, are essentially these tiny pieces of code that allow you to gather information about visitors on a website—how they browse and what types of ads they click. This activity data allows you, as a marketer, to give the user paid advertising that is likely to be most attractive to them. Install the free email tracker extension now to get uninterrupted email open information. Learn more about what is email tracking.

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