Read-receipts Indicators

to notify email delivery status

Check if a mail has been read by seeing two green ticks. Receive grey ticks for delivery confirmation. Add Read Receipt Indicators to All Your Sent Emails.

Read-receipts Indicators

Add Read-receipt Indicators to All Your Sent Emails

Confirm the status of sent emails with tick marks without remaining in the dark. Easily confirm with a glance who has opened your messages.

read receipts indicators leave note
delivery ticks

Delivery Ticks

See a single green tick notification to the recipient when the email is sent, and when the email is read, the recipient gets a double green tick notification.

reduction of clicks

Reduction of Clicks

Improve the efficiency of your user's workflow by better organizing the data in your reading receipts. Create automation workflows only once to ensure that the right people get the correct information at the right time.

delivery status notification

Delivery Status Notification

Delivery status notification helps in tracking the status of emails. It works by sending you real-time updates about your emails, so you'll always know when to expect it.

What is Email Read Receipt?

Read Receipt is a type of notification that informs the sender that the recipient of an email, chat, or other digital communication has read it. The email provider can send a read receipt, which the recipient will see when they open their email. The recipient of an email or text message will receive a notification on their device when it is sent. The sender of the email can also include a read receipt so that they know if and when the recipient of the email opened and read it. Learn more about what is email tracking.

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