Email Tracking Extension

to track email

Obtain delivery status for each email you send, identify the recipient who read your message, and verify the number of times they have read your emails.

Email Tracking Extension

Track Exact Time of Email Opens

Get notified when any email you send has been opened or clicked With the Email Tracking Extension.

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accurate email tracking

Accurate Email Tracking

Monitor the progress and delivery of an email message to get precise email notifications in real-time to improve the effectiveness of email campaigns.

user-oriented dashboard

User-Oriented Dashboard

View all of the information about every sent email in our visually appealing dashboard. You can track the email's progress easily.

daily reports

Daily Reports

Receive daily reports from OpenedOrNot to check the top five tracked and unopened emails. Analyze and plan better by identifying inactive, unresponsive users.

What is Email Tracking Extension?

Email tracking extensions allow senders to monitor the opening and reading of an email message by the recipient. The extension inserts a pixel image into the email loaded when the email is opened, notifying the sender about the status.

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