Email Tracker Chrome Extension

to monitor users email open activity

Integrate email tracker extension on your browser for gmail to track who reads your email, as well as the recipient's information.

Email Tracker Chrome Extension

Get All Email Actions

Encourage dialogues, build an automatic work flow and authenticate contacts with this free Email Tracking Tool.

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easy integration

Easy Integration

Get started by easily installing the Chrome extension and granting permission to start tracking. You can always turn off the tracking.

secure data

Secure Data

Safety of your data is our top priority. The email's content cannot be followed. We only keep track of email read/unread status.

simplified reports

Simplified Reports

Receive clear reports every day summarizing how many emails were opened and not. Examine which strategies are most effective.

What is Email Tracking?

Email tracking is the process of monitoring the activity of an email message, typically through the use of a tracking pixel or beacon. When the email is opened, the pixel or beacon is activated and information about the email recipient (such as their IP address) is collected. Email tracking can be used to determine whether an email was opened, how long it was viewed, and where it was viewed. It can also be used to track clicks on links within the email.

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