Daily Reports

to analyze data of tracked emails

Receive daily reports from OpenedOrNot to check the top five tracked and unopened emails. Analyze and plan better by listing out inactive, unresponsive email users.

Daily Reports

Receive Detailed Daily Reports On All Tracked Emails

Evaluate your email tracking report to improve your campaigns.

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unread mails

Unread Mails

Keep track of the emails you haven't read daily. It will display the number of emails in your inbox and the time you last read them.

tracked mails

Tracked Mails

Receive a detailed report on your emails daily with real-time notifications for each recipient, including when the recipient opened emails and how many times links were clicked.

total read count

Total Read Count

Get a detailed report on all of your emails every day, and the email tracker alerts you in real-time when emails are opened and links are clicked.

What is Detailed Reporting?

Detailed Email Tracker is a simple email tracking solution that sends you analytical information about your emails, such as when emails were opened and which links were clicked. As a result of this, you are within the email. Learn more about what is email tracking.

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