Mail Tracker Extension

to track email opens in real-time

Automatic tracking of email opens reminders, tracking of email link clicks, and daily reports should all be done to improve campaign management.

Mail Tracker Extension

Keep a Check on Unread Emails

Verify the status of every email you send, determine whether your email was delivered, discover who read your email, and choose how many times a recipient read your message.

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email tracking

Email Tracking

Monitor email opens for the email you send. Get email delivery, opened, and links clicked actions from recipients.

real-time notifications

Real-time Notifications

Receive real-time desktop notifications when recipients read your email. Your report includes the email title, recipient information, and time.

regular reports

Regular Reports

Analyze the daily reports for your top priority emails. Get detailed information on tracked emails, read emails, total read count, and unread emails.

What is Email Tracking?

Email tracking is the technique of monitoring the behaviour of an email message, generally through the use of a tracking pixel. When the email is opened, the pixel or beacon is triggered and information about the email recipient (such as their IP address) is captured. Email tracking can be used to detect whether an email was opened, how long it was viewed, and where it was viewed. It can also be used to track clicks on links within the email. OpenedOrNot is a free email tracker chrome extension.

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