Track Email

to monitor email opens

Track email to see whether an email is delivered and read. You can also track emails to determine whether links in an email have been clicked.

Track Email

Know The Exact Time a Recipient Opens an Email

Allows you to track when emails are opened and also helps you in keeping track of crucial emails and timely contact with others. You can also use it to create automated emails.

track email leave note
instant notifications

Instant Notifications

Receive desktop notification the moment the receiver opens your email and clicks the link inside. Spend less effort on unresponsive recipients to better manage campaigns.

track link-clicks

Track Link-Clicks

View your recipients who clicked links in your emails. Link-click shows which contacts clicked your links and how many times.

daily reports

Daily Reports

Get detailed reports on your emails that have been tracked. Tracked emails, read emails, overall read count, and unread emails can all be accessed.

What is Track Email?

Track email is a feature in email clients that allows users to see when an email was sent, received, and read. Typically, this information is displayed in the header of an email client or a message list. Track email is helpful for users who need to keep track of when messages are sent and received and when recipients open their emails. Install this free email tracker to start tracking email opens.

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