Track And Know When Your Emails Are Opened

Analyze the best time to send emails and get real-time alerts for every activity on your email while browsing with OpenedOrNot email tracking Chrome extension.

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Track email opens and get alerts on activity

See if the sent mail has been read by the recipients. Get detailed information of the read recipient such as - number of times read, last read Time and location, device used, to further understand the email status. Learn more about email tracking.

Get real-time alerts on recipient activites.

Get notified everytime your email has been read by the recipient. Your notification includes subject of the email, recipient details and time. Learn more about real time alerts.

Know when users have opened and read your emails

Get to see if a mail has been read or not by seeing two green ticks. Get grey ticks for delivery confirmation with OpenedorNot email tracking Chrome extension. Learn more about read receipts.

Get daily reports on emails tracked

Receive daily reports to examine various parameters like emails tracked, read/unread emails count, and much more to analyze the open rate of each email being sent. Learn more about daily reports.


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3 ways OpenedOrNot helps you

Everything You need to Track and Manage your Emails Seamlessly


Effortless Full HistoryTracking

Track the full History and the click rate of every mails send. Track the open rate to develop the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Real Time Notifications

Precise and Synchronized notifications are made available as Push Notifications.

Clear and Intuitive UI

Track the emails with Interactive BlueTick. Target and improve your Emails content to gain more leads and perfect the funnel.

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7 Super Useful Tips To Improve Email Tracking

Email marketing is most when backed by an efficient email tracking tool. There are a number of these available in the market but it also makes sense to follow some good email marketing practices to obtain maximum leverage from it. These include facets abour email tracking tools, capitalizing on tracking feedback, learning to interpret the data and so on. All in all there are seven major tips that can help you get the most from email tracking.

Jan 12, 2021


9 Amazing Benefits of Using Robust Email Tracking System

Many organizations still don’t track their email campaigns. They think that sending an email is all they need to do. But that’s not right. Here, we highlight some amazing benefits of using an email tracking system

Jan 05, 2021


10 Top Email Tracking Chrome Extension Solutions

Email trackers help you keep track of how your email campaigns are doing. And with tons of email trackers now available as simple Chrome extensions, tracking your email campaigns is easier than ever!

Dec 29, 2020


Why Email Tracking Tools Are Important for Salespeople & Marketers?

Email tracking tools are a must have for savvy sales people and marketers. It helps encourage conversations, create an automated work flow, provide contextual data and authenticate contacts.

Dec 28, 2020

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