Email tracker chrome extensions are the very lifeblood of any email marketing system. Without their backing, no email marketing endeavor would amount to much. Email tracking puts you on the right track concerning just how one should be reaching out to one's prospects. Leading email tracking systems make it possible to get a good fix on how one's email marketing campaign is faring. It worked for a while, but eventually, all went to shit.

Let's look at some other major email tracking chrome extensions.


1. OpenedOrNot

OpenedOrNot email tracking for gmail, this Chrome module will tell you assuming the recipient has gotten or perused your message. Clients can check the advancement of their email conveyance by means of read receipts. Just administrators who have set up a Gmail for business or school can utilize this feature. Read receipts won't work in the event that you use a Gmail account. The OpenedOrNot email tracking Chrome expansion contains all you want to sort out whether an email has been perused.

It is one of the leading email tracking tools that one can conveniently install for free. What's more, there are lots that one can do with it.

2. Hubspot Sales

Suppose your CRM team requires identifying who all opened your email with the help of a super-efficient notification system. In that case, there won't be any better email tracker chrome extensions than Hubspot Sales in the market. It notifies you the moment a prospect opens an email enabling you to send across the perfectly timed follow-up communication. That makes closing deals quickly easier than ever before.

You can get to know a lead's history and background at just a glance. Everything from which emails and links to documents were opened and precisely what time allowed you to craft a personalized approach to the prospect.

3. Fresh Sales

If your sales team is searching for a CRM tool that enables one to understand what action has a lead taken across various platforms, then this is among the preferred email tracker chrome extensions. It helps you zero in on your potential customers by helping you engage with the right kind of prospects by leveraging cutting-edge data-driven insights leading to enhanced sales output. Besides, it enables you to prune and rationalize your email list.

FreshSales does more than anything else to arm you with the right kind of client intelligence that will enable you to engage with them strategically and allow you to more or less ensure that you will have sales success.

4. MailTrack

MailTrack is a nifty email tracker chrome extension for any business that seeks to enable a company to determine when their emails were opened. It allows you to follow up with a great deal of precision. You can know when exactly your emails have been read, the number of clicks that have been made, and the number of times a recipient has opened an email using the standard Gmail interface. At $29 per year per user, it is pretty economical too. You can check it out by availing of a free trial as well.

5. Mixmax

This is one of those power-packed email tracker chrome extensions that deploy a tracking pixel to identify which one of the recipients has opened an email. Its email tracking software for Gmail lets you know when exactly someone has opened your message with the help of real-time Google email tracking alerts. Even if you are mailing to a group, the software will show which particular individual went ahead and opened your message, enabling you to follow in a very focused manner.

6. Bananatag

This excellent internal communication app empowers a business to come up with company momos and newsletters. It also helps quantify open and click rates. It helps enhance a business's reach by simplifying its workflow by connecting with the employee's directory and other communication channels one is already using. Banatag's email extension works with Outlook, Outlook 365, and Gmail.

7. Gmelius

This email tracker chrome extension has an excellent reputation as a collaboration platform for G Suite teams. It enables teams to collaborate by way of an email. It lets them take charge of their pipelines and projects, look after the customers' needs and automate workflows without getting away from Gmail and any other apps that the company is using.

8. SalesHandy

This is one of the more powerful email tracker chrome extensions in the market, known for its ability to track emails and leads with the help of notifications. Once you have installed it, you're sure to witness an enhancement in the email productivity of your business. It provides you with the feature to track an unlimited number of emails for free for a lifetime. Then there are other useful features like email scheduling, email sequencing, and intelligent email templates that come with shortcuts and mail merge ability strengthened with automated follow-ups.

9. CirrusInsight

An ideal email tracker chrome extension that works beautifully with Gmail and Outlook. Two hundred fifty thousand professionals have found Cirrus Insight in Gmail or Outlook to track email and attachment opens, make personalized email templates, set up email drip campaigns, and manage follow-ups dramatically impact marketing productivity. This is reflected in the fact that one can organize three more meetings with customers. That apart, Cirrus Insight offers out-of-the-world Salesforce integration.

10. LeadBoxer

This is more of a lead generation app that provides cutting-edge real-time information about the email recipients and the sales process. It works wonderfully well with both Outlook and Gmail and is especially good for salespeople concerned about obtaining the best possible leads.

11. GMass

If you happen to be a significant, an email marketer, a start-up, or even solopreneurs who use Gmail for email marketing, there aren't too many email tracker chrome extensions that are this good. It allows you to use Gmail to launch mail-merge campaigns empowered with automatic follow-up emails. Not just that-it helps create email lists by the simple expedient of searching your Gmail account.

That apart, it connects you to Google sheets and sends across email replies to the very last. The thread was about each recipient. It meticulously tracks opens and clicks.

Email Tracker


According to Dela Quist, "Signing up is a powerful signal of intent to buy. Send them email until they do."

When it comes to email tracking software, many of them are available for deployment, but not all of them are that useful. Most of them let you know whether an email was opened or not, but not much. That is not of great help at all.

The tools that you choose should help you keep track of the email opens and let you know how many times an email was opened and if it was tracked. Our ways of communicating with people may have undergone a tremendous change, but emailing has stayed with us and is likely to in the future.

That being stated, the method of sending emails is changing and technology these days allows us to find out what exactly has happened to the emails we send out. Tracking your emails can help you determine the success or otherwise of your email campaigns.

That apart, emails are also a means of sending across things like invoices, invites, contracts, etc.

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