Real-Time Alerts

on recipient activities

Get notified every time your email has been read by the recipient. Your notification includes the subject of the email, recipient details and time.

Real-Time Alerts

Get Real-time Alerts on Recipient Activites.

Each time the recipient reads your email, you'll be notified. In the notification, you will find information about the email and the recipient.

time alerts leave note


You can schedule and plan the next step with these real-time notifications.Create follow up mail tailored to your customer for engaging with them and also help in user retention.

user engagement

User Engagement

The real-time alerts act as a tool for improving the user experience by acting as remainders.

target the right users

Target the Right Users

The real-time alerts help in targeting the right users. When the user opens a particular mail, then the user can create content, targeting that user.

push notifications

Push Notifications

The user receives real-time push notifications whenever the recipient opens a tracked email.

What is Real-time Alert?

A real-time alert is an automated system that sends you a notification when there is a change in your desired information. Such alerts are usually sent through email and include both the current status and details of the changes.A real-time alert is an automated system that sends you a notification when there is a change in your desired information.

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