7 Super Useful Tips To Improve Email Tracking

Email marketing is most when backed by an efficient email tracking tool. There are a number of these available in the market but it also makes sense to follow some good email marketing practices to obtain maximum leverage from it. These include facets abour email tracking tools, capitalizing on tracking feedback, learning to interpret the data and so on. All in all there are seven major tips that can help you get the most from email tracking.


Email marketing really comes into its own if it is backed by an efficient email tracking tool. While there are a number of these available in the market, it makes sense to use the ones that are well regarded and conform to all the important parameters. As Hunter Boyle says, "There are countless ways to build lists, but trust is what builds relationships"

Additionally email marketers would do well to take certain important measures to optimize email tracking. Let’s look at what these might be :

1. Using email tracking tools Like OpendorNot


This is a great tool to help you track your email by allowing you to determine, as to when one's emails are opened. Once you have a fix on the open rates and the times when these are opened, you will be able to refine your email campaign and make it more incisive and fruitful.

The analytics provided by OpendorNot will set a virtuous cycle in motion where feedback received from the tool will lead to improvement in the emailing process, which in turn will lead to better email tracking and so on.

2. Analyzing Email Tracking Reports

Analyzing email tracking reports

The tracking reports provided by email tracking tools like OpendorNot should be studied in all seriousness and the necessary tweaks be carried out to one's email tracking. The best way to leverage the power of email tracking tools is to properly interpret the analytics provided by them and use those to improve one’s email process. This will enhance the ability to better leverage the full potential of the email tracking tool.

It helps if your email tracker has abilities like being able to mail merge campaigns as well as initiate automatic follow ups. It should also be able to create email lists based upon search results and enable the sending of email replies to all communication received from a prospect. This considerably improves interaction leading to a much enhanced level of tracking.

3. Capitalize on Email Tracking Feedback

Capitalize on email tracking feedback

There is really no point in setting up an email tracking system, if one is going to not implement the feedback it provides. You should for example know of the best time to send follow up emails. Ultimately, a tracking tool is only as good as it is used.

It is not necessary that the email tracker with the most formidable reputation is the best one that suits your business. It may be too complex for your needs and you may not really be able to capitalize on the feedback it provides. It would be far better, if you are able to use a tool that is user friendly, but provides you with just the kind of feedback that you need.

4. Understand All The Features The Email Tracking Tool Offer

Features email tracking tool offer

Just like you need to understand all the features a smartphone provides to use it to its full capacity, you need to understand every feature your email tracking tool offers to leverage it efficiently. There are a large number of email tracking tools out there providing myriad kinds of features. An inadequate understanding of the tool is not going to let you use it efficiently, which defeats the very purpose of going for a tool like this.

It makes eminent sense to not only fully understand what these features are all about, but to also make a comparative study of the various tools available and zero in one the one that best suits one’s purpose.

5. Upgrade Your Tracking

Upgrade your tracking

You may start off with a free tracking software or a basic version, but for best results you should ultimately upgrade to one that has more features. Email tracking is something that may be carried out by individuals, solopreneurs, professionals, enterprise level businesses, and massive trans-national corporations.

The scale of the emailing and the degree to which they need their campaign tracked will naturally be different in each case. It would, therefore, be wise for one to choose the appropriate tool and upgrade it as one scales up. The more growth a business sees, the more sense it makes for them to upgrade their tracking tools to get the most out of them.

6. Learn to Interpret the Data Correctly

Learn interpret data correctly

For all the data your email tracking tool may provide you, if you are not able to interpret it the right way, you will not be able to obtain the kind of benefits that you expect from a tool like that. The analytics provided by an email can provide an email marketer a wealth of information about their prospects and the savvy one’s can leverage that to great effect.

They have to be able to recognize, understand and interpret important metrics like the open rate, the clickthrough rate, the bounce rate, the list growth rate, the email sharing and forwarding rates, the ROI and unsubscribe rate. As one can see, there is a wealth of data that is obtained from email tracking tools and there is a great deal that an email marketer can do with all this information.

7. Choose Your Tool With Care

When it comes to email marketing, one needs to do more than send out mails to people you think can be your customers. You need to have a fair idea about who all are opening your emails and how it is that they react to your content. This is as true of a small business as it is for a large organization. For that you need tools that are able to track things like the email open rate, message delivery and so on. The ability to track data and analyze it leads to greater lead creation. Therefore, it is imperative that one choose the appropriate email tracking tool for one’;s business.

There are a large number of tracking tools out there catering to the needs of enterprises, corporations, sole proprietors, startups and others. Choose one that suits your needs the best. For instance, for those who are taking fledgling steps in the world of email tracking, it might make tremendous sense to use free email tracking software provided by the leading players in the field. These include HubSpot, Mailtrack, Streak, SalesHandy, Mail Alert, Intelliverse email tracker and Mailtracker by Hunter.io. For large corporations and enterprise level clients, one can upgrade to tools that you have to pay for to get a full suite of tools. Among the features that you might look for in an email tracking software are the ability to check a lead’s history, the ability to run campaigns on auto-pilot, the ability to schedule emailing and great email templates.


That email tracking is taken seriously is clear from this tweet - What's important for your subscribers and your #emailmarketing initiatives? See how #emailtracking is key to your strategy, your customer experience and, in turn, your ROI: You cannot possibly run an efficient email campaign that results in lots of sales without the help of a good email tracking tool that lets you understand and perfect the emailing process.

The thing about the emailing process is that it can be highly antagonizing, if not carried out in the right manner. The average person working in an office gets as many as 80 emails a day. For an email marketer to ensure that their email does not get overlooked in account of this massive clutter, it makes sense to craft an effective email marketing strategy.

Using email tracking tools to obtain precise consumer analytics is the best possible way to be able to accomplish that. These tools will guide you with regard to everything-the kind of subject line to be used, the kind of content the mails should contain, when the mails should be sent out and how many times they should be sent out.

The thing about email tracking is that it imparts order and efficiency to the email marketing process. For one it encourages email marketers to create a refined mailing list comprising of just the right group of people to be targeted. Secondly, it helps email marketers in learning how to optimize their emails to obtain optimal open and clickthrough rates.

The thing about emails is the fact that it is the numero uno communication channel one has because people access their email every single day. What's more, you are the master of your email list, unlike in the case of social media, where you can lose your accounts as well as all your posts one fine day without knowing the reason. Emailing gives you total control over your communication channel. Besides, it's a fact that people who buy products and services on the basis of email recommendations they receive spend much more than those who don’t do that.

The best thing that email metrics can do is to let you know how you stack up vis-a-vis others in the industry. It will let a business know how it is faring in terms of the returns that it gets from its email campaign. If your email tracking tool is not providing you with all the metrics that you need, you should think of going for another one that does.

Going forward email tracking is going to be delivering even more value on account of the use of AI technology, which will help gather ever more cutting edge insights than ever before. This technology has in fact already been deployed by a large number of email marketers to great effect. To that extent, it is one thing that will define the way email marketing shapes up as an outreach tool in the times to come.

One of the greatest contributions of email tracking is that it helps enhance your target audience health. In other words, it lets you make your mailing lists extremely focused and very amenable to generating ROI. If the major proportion of your mailing list is unresponsive, then you are obviously wasting a lot of time doing something that has nothing to show for it by way of returns. An email tracking tool puts an end to that kind of thing.

It can help you evaluate the KPIs pertaining to an email marketing exercise over several campaigns. This lets you evaluate and fine tune what's working and not working on a long term holistic basis enabling you to create a long term holistic email marketing strategy that works best for you. In the days to come, marketers will increasingly leverage the power of curated email lists to help them devise and implement hugely successful email marketing campaigns.

With emails becoming more cutting-edge what with graphics, audio and video components making them very attractive to the prospects, marketers will be using them all the time, as part of their outreach attempts. The age that we are living in is unequivocally the digital age and digital communication naturally rules the roost. Though there are other digital means of outreach, notably social media, it is emails that are going to play an extremely notable role, especially when it comes to sending out marketing messages.

With their high ROI, email marketing campaigns when combined with the insights available on account of cutting edge email tracking analytics have to be an integral tool in any marketing manager's arsenal. Though, there was a time when emails were thought of having become largely redundant, they have seen a massive resurgence. This is evident from the fact that there is a veritable industry that has been built around email marketing that boasts of some very well known international brand.

As we grapple with the ill effects of the ongoing pandemic, the digital means of communication have become even more important than ever before and this fact is not lost on email marketers. They are busy designing and implementing email marketing campaigns that are ductomised for the times that we live in. Helping them do that are some cutting edge email tracking tools.


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