The Evolution of Email Tracking

The evolution of email tracking helps you understand the concept of email tracking and how it can be useful for your business.


Email tracking has been around for a while. We have had MailChimp and Constant Contact provide us statistics about things like open and click rates for the longest time. However, email tracking has evolved considerably in the last few years with cutting edge email tracking software like OpenOrNot providing far more information than was available previously.

As Karl Pearson says, “That which is measured improves.”

Email tracking has always been a must for online marketers and the improvements in its implementation make it even more useful. This has meant that email marketing has become much more focused and targeted than it ever was in the past. Even though social media marketing and SEO have become a huge part of online marketing, emailing continues to be one of the pillars of online marketing, thanks to the way that email tracking has evolved. As a matter of fact email marketing boasts of greater web traffic than do paid and social media driven traffic together. Its ROI is the highest out of all the marketing channels that there are. It is easily the consumers’ preferred communication channel for all kinds of messaging: pre-purchase, post purchase and transactional messaging.

A large part of the credit for the renewed interest and faith in email tracking certainly has to go to the better ability to track emails available to today’s marketers. This has empowered them to mount extensive email campaigns with very impressive results indeed.

What Exactly Does Email Tracking Entail?

Email tracking is an enabling measure which gives an online marketer a precise idea about how successful their outreach has been. It ensures that businesses do their emailing according to a well thought out strategy that is primed to obtaining the best possible results. The fact that there are some great tools that help one carry out highly efficient email tracking quite conveniently means that a large number of businesses across scale can benefit from it in a major way.

What exactly does email tracking entail

The fact that email marketing is a relatively cheap and user friendly method of reaching out to one’s target audience makes it quite a favorite of savvy marketers. The fact that it has become increasingly high tech and cutting edge has greatly enhanced its appeal, way more than before. That’s not all. Email tracking tools these days enable you to find out about your prospects or client’s professional dealings, the finer details about their business, their social media profiles, their past email exchanges with you and other useful types of information about them. Email tracking is part of contemporary marketing automations systems that facilitate precise segmentation enabling companies to send across very focused email communication. This enables a closer and more personal experience for the recipient, as it is based on relevant engagement leading to a stellar email reputation.

In today’s times, the email marketing campaign that one creates is the kind that is completely clued in to the recipients’ likes and interests. The only way to do that is to divide the email list into targeted zones. This accrues a number of benefits like enhanced open rates, more relevant emailing and lower unsubscribed rates. In the modern age, you need to create email marketing campaigns that truly connect with each recipients' interest. You can do this by dividing your email list into more targeted groups - the Annual Email Optimizer Report by Lyris found numerous benefits of email list segmentation including increased open rates, greater email relevance, and lower opt-out or unsubscribe rates.

How Email Tracking Has Changed?

Over the years email tracking has evolved into a precision tool that let's businesses be on top of their digital marketing efforts. By letting an email marketer know precisely when their emails are opened, how many people have clicked on the links and the number of attachments that have been viewed, email tracking empowers them to refine their strategy as they go along. This invariably achieves great results. Let us see how.

New Age Email Tracking Software Empowers Businesses

The new age email tracking software empowers a business to zero in on the precise moment that a prospect accessed their mail, the person who did that and the exact page or pages they viewed. This kind of precise tracking of prospect and customer behavior patterns with regard to one’s email campaign, let’s a business fine tune and hone it to near perfection.

One of the major achievements of email tracking is providing one with an understanding of open rates. Open rates help you deal with issues like the quality of your email lists, the recipient’s behavior patterns and the campaign’s actual success.This helps in creating a very efficient marketing funnel that provides a constant supply of high quality leads that have a very healthy conversion rate.

That businesses take email tracking very seriously is borne out by the fact that there is a large number of tweets about this. Take this one from Barcelona for example- Free, unlimited email tracking for Gmail, Google Workspace, iOS & Android. Email tracking is something that professionals can't do without, as evidenced by this tweet -""""How would a venture capitalist and 2 core founders of a massive online brand like @AppSumo build their email list from scratch - with a $0 budget? We flirted with them for 20-minutes this week and squeezed their good bits.

There Are Many Things That a New Age Email Tracking Software Will Do

A new age email tracking software does way more than finding out if an email has been opened. Email tracking empowers one to determine the exact time to get in touch with one’s prospects again. That apart, it let’s an email marketer determine the success of his or her messaging by measuring the number of times an email has been opened, its link clicked and its attachment viewed. It also provides one with the best insight for things like subject lines and the best time to email someone. It totally allows one to micro manage one’s emailing in the most efficient way.

Benefits of New Age Email Marketing

There are a number of benefits that accrue to a business that uses new age email tracking software. Let's look at what these might be-

1. Tells You How Far a Prospect Who Opened the Email Has Progressed on the Path to Buying the Product or Service in Question

If the person in question doesn’t take any action that shows an interest in your offerings, you know that you have to do more to convince them. Maybe you need to tweak the features or reduce the price. Perhaps you need to offer a freebie along with the product.

2. Tells You Why the Prospect Clicked and What They Did After That

Email tracking can help you discern behavior patterns and trends that help a marketer calibrate their outreach strategy in a manner that prompts optimal action by the prospect. If, for instance, your email tracking software shows you the mails sent in the first week of the month obtain the best call-to-action from your prospects, you should shoot out the majority of your emails in that time period.

3. Helps You Determine the Exact Role Emailing Played in the Context of One’s Marketing Funnel

One’s marketing funnels gets leads from social media marketing and one’s blog and other forms of content, apart from emails. A good email marketing software lets one understand how significant the contribution of one’s email campaign has to the overall marketing funnel. It let’s one make the right modifications to one’s email strategy, if the results are not up to expectations.

4. Helps You Place Prospects in the Sales Cycle

Helps you place prospects in the sales cycle

Email tracking software lets you know where exactly a prospect is in the sales cycle, thereby letting you fine tune your messaging. It also gives you a handle on what is the best time to establish contact with one’s prospects.

5. Helps You Categorise Your Prospects

Email tracking software helps you slot your prospects according to their readiness to take affirmative action with regard to your offerings. You can go ahead and tag your lists of prospects according to the order of priority.

6. Helps Refine Emailing List

Metrics like the hard bounce rate let you know which emails are bouncing for technical reasons thereby allowing you to refine your mailing list. This is of great help in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of an emailing program.

7. Helps You Customise Your Emailing

Email marketing needs to be planned every bit as much as is one’s social media outreach. It has to be able to connect with the recipient and this is something that the deployment of email marketing tools empowers one to do very well.

8. Engage Your Audience’s Attention More Effectively

The key to engaging with one’s audience more effectively lies in knowing whom to contact, when to contact and how to contact. The analytics available on account of modern email tracking software give one a very precise idea about how to accomplish that. Given that email marketing is way cheaper than any other kind of marketing outreach, this ability of email tracking to enable and facilitate that outreach is a very valuable one.


One no longer has to email a vast mass of loosely defined prospects and hope that it will somehow work out. That was the old way and if one tries that out, it will only get one’s mail marked out as spam and never opened or read. The latest email tracking tools provide one with the wherewithal to turn email marketing into an extremely potent outreach tool that can be leveraged by any business regardless of scale and size.

There are a number of lessons that email tracking teaches to a savvy marketer. The obvious one is the fact that high open rates are highly desirable. It makes sense to target those who are known to open emails, because they are more likely than not to have active mailboxes. Emailing to such people is more beneficial in terms of the response. However when the idea is to reach out farther and farther or get a fix on delivery issues, those who readily open their mails may not be such a great target audience. In such cases an email marketer needs to look at both at the recipients who are clicking links and have recently opted in to one’s mailing list. The latter in particular are indicative of an active interest. Again for gauging campaign success one may have to look at link clicks, as well as website traffic.

All of this points to the fact that email marketing has come a long way largely to the keen insights provided by new age email tracking methods. The OpendOrNot tool, for example can be downloaded for free and lets you easily know if the email has been read by the recipient, the number of times they have read it and the last time that they have read it. You can also know the exact time it was last read, where it was read and the device that it was read on.

Any business regardless of the industry it pertains to can leverage the enabling features of email tracking tools to devise and implement a very impactful email marketing campaign. The fact that business is all about competition in the digital age, the ability to reach out cheaply and quickly to the widest possible audience in one’s niche is a greatly prized one. Email tracking with all its insightful analytics has brought about a paradigm change in the way email marketing is viewed and deployed. It is now unequivocally considered one of the major planks of online marketing outreach. Thankfully, there are a number of complementary and reasonably priced email tracking tools available in the market that any business can effectively use. Going forward, one can safely say that the humble email is going to continue to punch far above its weight in helping businesses market their products and services."


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