Why Email Tracking Tools Are Important for Sales & Marketing Teams?

Email tracking tools are a must have for savvy sales people and marketers. It helps encourage conversations, create an automated work flow, provide contextual data and authenticate contacts.


Sales and marketing are not the easiest of professions. This is primarily on account of the fact that identifying and targeting the right target audience is not at all easy. That apart, there is the fact that more often than not, you are up against enormous competition. Email marketing is one of the most important ways of reaching out to one's target market and getting them interested in one's product or service offerings. According to David Newman, "Email has an ability many channels don't creating valuable, personal touches – at scale."

sales people and marketers

However, one does need to ensure that one's email marketing strategy is the right one and the kind that can deliver results. That is why email tracking tools are important for sales people and marketers. Email marketing being the important tool that it is would get a shot in the arm with email tracking. Refer to this tweet-15 Quick Tips to Convert Visitors Into Email Subscribers. As to why email tracking tools are required is really a no brainer.

1. Encourages Conversation

Once you know that your prospect has clicked on the link that you sent them and is showing interest in your offering, you can take it up with them. But obsessing with clicks is not the whole purpose behind email marketing. It is about growing relationships. Growing those relationships is all about having personal intimate conversations with people.

Encourages conversation

What you are interested in is conversational marketing. That is what will make the values of your product and service resonate with the target audience. The more personalized an email, the greater is the chance of being able to positively engage with our target audience, which comes in the shape of their replies. Emails are essentially meant for a two way conversation. People who receive personalized email, albeit via an automated program, feel acknowledged like the human beings they are and are encouraged to reply in kind.

2. Helps You Create an Automated Workflow

With the precise data analytics it furnishes email marketing software helps a business put in place an organized work flow. Email automation workflows can help rationalize the email marketing teams day to day activities. No longer do different team members have to be designated to send out emails or reply to them on a daily basis as the existing email automation workflows take care of that completely.

Helps You Create an Automated Workflow

Automating your workflows completely can let your emailing become way more efficient than is possible otherwise. You can send out focused email to those who have subscribed to your email list, the ones who have visited a specific website page, or the ones who are located in a certain zip code. In other words it enables precise segmented outreach primed to generate a response. You surely wouldn't ask the question-why email tracking anymore.

3. Provides Contextual Data

It provides extremely useful data like the day of the week when most emails are opened by the prospects. You get to understand what kinds of subject lines are the best for the lead in question, You even get more than a sneak preview into the prospect's social profile. One gets a way better understanding of how to create just the kind of email that will generate a response.

Emailing is not the easiest of tasks and creating the content that goes into an email is particularly hard. Email tracking makes that task a lot simpler by providing contextual data about one's prospects.

Provides Contextual Data

One gets to know as to what sort of professional history one's prospects have, their social media profile and their email history with you. That enables you to craft just the kind of message that will open doors for you.

4. Lets You Authenticate Contacts

Email tracking lets you know whether someone from a particular address has accessed the email or not thereby letting you validate it. Validating emails has a slew of benefits for an email marketer. It enhances delivery rate to the extent of 98% and the fact that you will send emails mostly to useful addresses you will increase your ROI substantially. This will be on account of the higher conversion rate achieved on account of more of your emails arriving in your prospect's inboxes.

Authenticate contacts

There are many ways in which one can carry out email contact validation. You can, for example, make it convenient for a customer who is filling in their email address to make use of an auto complete feature that eliminates the chance of making an error. You could also deploy a third party tool that gives you a real time feedback on the correctness or otherwise of an email address. Another thing that you can do is to go for a double opt in. Everytime your customers sign up for emailing, you can send them an email requesting validation by way of their response.


Why email tracking is a question that no one asks anymore. Email tracking has long moved away from spray and pray tactics to a very well planned and strategic marketing outreach initiative. If there is one thing that has helped bring about this change, it is the advent of modern cutting-edge email tracking tools.

These new age email tracking tools enable email marketers to refine and calibrate the email marketing outreach to an extent it was impossible earlier. The results that today's email marketer expects and obtains from a targeted email marketing campaign are nothing short of spectacular, when compared with what used to happen in the past.

Email tracking tools let an email marketer know when to send emails, who to send them to and how many times to send them for maximum impact. Along the way, they are able to assess how well the email campaign is going, whether it needs any tweaks and the path to be followed, going forward.

The fact that email tracking tools can help refine the email list one is using, brings about a paradigm change in the efficiency of the email marketing process. With higher open rates and fewer bounced mail, the lead generation ability of an email campaign grows exponentially.

This allows email marketing to build leverage for businesses across scale and industry. Unlike online digital advertising, which requires a significant budget, email marketing is quite inexpensive. It is hardly surprising then that email marketing has made a big comeback.

Most of these email tracking tools are quite inexpensive to use. In fact, some of them are free to use to some extent. It is not surprising therefore thar startups, amongst other kinds of businesses, readily take to email marketing.

Imagine getting a desktop notification as soon as someone opens your mail. You can respond to them very quickly indeed, increasing the chances of your closing the deal manifold. The tracking button can even be incorporated into your email service provider's toolbar for very easy access.

Email tracking tools can let you do things like sending out an email in your timezone and having it reach the intended target audience in their time zone. That's not all-you can send personalized bulk emails to focused target audiences and then follow them up automatically at the right time.

The right email tracking software can help you obtain a detailed report of the emails sent by you in terms of the people who opened it, where they opened it and on what kind of a device. This sort of information can also help you construct a pretty accurate target audience profile.

Another thing that you can do with email tracking services is to delay the sending of an email. You can arrange for the email to be sent later at a pre scheduled time of your choice.

As a matter of fact, there are loads of other things you can use email tracking for. Like finding out whether your subject line is interesting or not, or determining whether the contents of an email are interesting enough for somebody to click on the link contained in them.

The analytics generated by email tracking software helps businesses analyse and improve the sales and marketing messaging, so as to make them as impactful as possible.

As email tracking software can integrate directly with email marketing platforms, they are able to create, manage and track both inbound and outbound mails. Email marketers are allowed to better manage their email campaigns on account of many factors. For instance, they can schedule emails incorporating myriad factors like time constraints and the varied locations of the prospects.

If one were to off hand state what email tracking accomplishes for a business, it would be the ability to react quickly on account of access to cutting-edge insights about the prospects. Given how competitive the business environment is, this is a very valuable ability for a business to possess. Imagine having this ability on autopilot and understand what sort of an impact that would have on the growth prospects of a business.

Email tracking enables every action taken by the prospect to be tracked and given a time frame. The more time the email is read, the more times, a link of yours is clicked, your engagement with a prospect is that much better. The successes in sales that such tracking achieves can be replicated in the case of future prospects.

The future of email marketing is excellent because of the fact that it is now empowered by cutting- edge email tracking.Going forward, one can expect artificial intelligence to play an increasingly important role in tracking and managing email marketing.

That is likely to have an exponential impact on the efficiency that any email marketing campaign will exhibit. The ROI too will get to be even higher than what it already is. Other technologies that are likely to have an impact upon email marketing and tracking are going to be machine based learning and cloud based technology.

By 2023 we can expect there to be a whopping 4.3 billion global email users.Since most promotional email is more often than not taken to be spam, the email marketing of the future will be more and more personalized. Email marketing methods will have to be less unobtrusive and operate more like a website which is easily accessible on mobile devices. Like always, it will be email tracking which provides the necessary data and analytics to achieve all of this.

While, it is a fact that most brands and for that matter even small businesses have some kind of an email marketing campaign, their effectiveness, however depends upon how personalized and bespoke they make it. Today's consumers are too intelligent and smart to be taken in by a cookie-cutter kind of emailing approach.

The key with email marketing, as with other kinds of content is to provide the intended audience with messaging that is valuable and useful to them in the real sense. The only way to be able to do that is to leverage email tracking and the data and analytics it provides.

You have to be able to communicate in just the right kind of manner- communicate too little you will not register, communicate too much-people will unsubscribe from your mailing list.

The proliferation of internet connected devices means that your email outreach strategy has to be the kind that resonates across all of these. Apart from increasing the use of AI and machine learning, what is going to have a major impact upon one's email messaging is the fact that the new age respondent expects it to be interactive.

Increasingly in the coming days an email will be more than an email. It will be a complete web experience. Email features like videos and interactive calls-to-action will be commonplace. Marketing materials sent via email can expect to act as virtual gateways to products and services in the coming days.

All this value added and interactive messaging would be possible and successful, only if it is based upon cutting-edge email analytics. Email tracking is indeed the very lifeblood of email marketing and will always be. Businesses which have adopted email marketing without empowering it with email tracking are possibly staring at a very bleak future, considering how things are slated to pan out.

Considering how easy, convenient and inexpensive it is, there is no reason why it should be so.


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