Benefits of Email Tracking

What are the benefits of email tracking to an email marketing and sales campaign- saves time, provides context, stellar analytics and improves follow up besides, scheduling emails for timely delivery.


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Why OpenedorNot?

Email tracking is of great use to businesses, as it furnishes the right kind of data that allows companies to make well-considered business decisions. This is enabled by email tracking tools like OpenedOrNot to obtain data about open rates, when emails are accessed, and the locations where this happens. They also help with the click-throughs on links as well as attachments.

With precise data, any business will be able to hone and fine-tune their email marketing to get them optimal leads and customers. The benefits of email tracking don't end and are quite a few. Emailing is tremendously important to businesses and is universally accepted, as evidenced by this quote from Rebecca Riserbato, ""99% of consumers check their email every day. It is by far the preferred way to receive updates from brands.

It is, however, critically important that one should be able to leverage email marketing in the best possible manner to get the most out of that. Successful email marketing can be achieved by marketers wonderfully well with the help of email tracking. The number of tweets about email tracking tools gives you some idea about their popularity -""New email tracking software and tools are constantly being improved. But one thing that remains critical to the success of any #emailmarketing tool is the email tracking pixel. Let us now take a look at how exactly does email tracking help a business:

1. Saves Time

By optimizing one's emailing abilities, email tracking saves businesses loads of time. If the recipients haven't opened your mail the first time, they are hardly likely to do it if you send them follow-up emails. Email tracking prevents this thing from happening, thereby saving email marketers loads of time. That is one more of the benefits of email tracking. On the other hand, if someone has clicked on the links contained in a mail, you know that the person is likely interested in your offering and should be reached out to as this would be a timely move. In the highly competitive environment that a business has to operate in, it is prized to one's actions, including reaching out just when a person is primed to buy. Email tracking empowers a business to make very timely moves thanks to the precise analytics about client behavior.

Benefits of Email Tracking

Marketers can better utilize the time that email tracking software saves by enhancing outreach efficiency in undertaking more prospect outreach activities like increased email marketing. Actions set a virtuous cycle of greater focused email marketing leading to a greater flow of leads leading to enhanced business. That is precisely what all companies need in these hyper-competitive times taking advantage of the tremendous benefits of email tracking.

2. Provides Context and Insight

Email tracking can help one refine one's mailing list and messaging, helping one leverage email marketing better. This will be possible because email tracking furnishes a detailed history of the activities undertaken by a prospect. This gives one a pretty good insight into a prospect's line of thinking. You may, for instance, find out what time of the day or what day of a week a candidate is likely to open their mail.

Now, that's a great benefit of email tracking. You get a fair idea about the kind of subject lines that work and those that don't. One could pretty much construct a social profile of the prospects. This lets you get very good at determining the best time to contact a candidate. The success or failure of businesses is hinged upon their ability to make the right move at the right time. By providing context and insight about the email recipients, email tracking software enables just that. To a large extent, it determines a business's success or failure.

3. Provides Stellar analytics

It provides the right kind of analytics in terms of open and click-through rates, providing the right information to optimize results. Email analytics furnish huge amounts of data that can help improve the whole email marketing process. Thanks to email analytics, you can enhance your prospect engagement and earn their loyalty by smartly capitalizing upon the information available to you. You can engage in sophisticated behavioral segmentation and connect with your prospects base in a more personalized manner, enabling you to grow your business. This is one of the premier benefits of email tracking.

4. Improves Follow-ups

You can initiate a targeted follow-up once you have precise mail open rates. You no longer have to rely on luck or chance to obtain leads. That is one heck of a benefit of email tracking. On the contrary, you can be certain that the people you follow up with are very inclined to respond positively to your mail. This makes the whole email marketing process very rewarding and drives home the benefits of email tracking. Suppose email marketing has made a huge comeback. It enables targeted and effective outreach resulting in a very high incidence of business generation. Again, this is a great benefit of email tracking.

5. Schedule Emails to Send them at the Right Time

By knowing which days of the week are ideal for your mailing, you can draw up the right schedule. Email marketing works best when it is a planned, well-thought-out, and calibrated exercise. Otherwise, it is no better than spam that antagonizes one's target audience. Anyone who doubts the benefits of email tracking should mull over that. The best time to send out a marketing email is when the respondent is ready and conditioned to receive it in a positive frame of mind. Analytics provided by email tracking software let you plan your follow-up emails with pinpoint accuracy and precision increasing your chances of growing your business manifold. The benefits of email tracking are too many to overlook.

6. Improves Emailing Accuracy

With a data-based approach possible on email tracking, you are bound to improve email accuracy. The fact is that there are about 269 billion emails sent out and received every single day! As many as 40% of these are tracked, signifying the importance marketers attract to email tracking. They do that because they know that email tracking improves email accuracy, leading to a spectacular rise in ROI. With every little information about the recipient available, including the device they use to receive the email, a savvy email marketer can very accurately profile their prospects in order of priority. Email marketers have extensive prospects databases to reach out to these days. Armed with the analytical information that they have been provided with, thanks to email tracking, they can leverage email marketing in a major way. That's another one of the benefits of email tracking you cannot ignore.

Benefits of Email Tracking

Email Tracking-The Path Ahead

The thing about email tracking is the fact that it is all-pervasive. It is no longer just a question of some odd benefits of email tracking. 99% of the mass emails sent out are tracked. That is because tracking aids businesses in learning what kind of emails obtain a response. If one has that kind of insight available, one is undoubtedly very well placed to get the maximum benefit from one's emailing initiative. Your ability to track email activity can empower your sales team to be in full control of the sales conversation. They can do so with the help of notifications about reading emails/responses that ensure that they do not miss any email from their prospects and are in a position to attend to every single communication received by them. Any prospective client would naturally like to close a deal with a company whose sales team is always on the ball when responding to customer queries. Another tremendous benefit of email tracking is its ability to analyze your open and click-through rates. It allows you to try out different templates for the email you send out to your prospects.

This will help you zero in on the one that works best for you. You can try out any number of variations till you find the one that works best for you. To somebody who is still undecided about the merits of email tracking, it would do well to remember that we live in a very busy world, where downtown is difficult to come by, especially if you are running a business of your own. The convenience provided by email tracking makes it possible to efficiently leverage the truly effective impact of email marketing and give you an edge over your competition. No longer is email marketing an uncertain outreach method. One can have a very definite idea of where it is headed. It helps improve the sales outreach and enhances the customer support function by helping address customer concerns and queries promptly.

Nobody can turn around and cast doubt about the benefits of email marketing. Email marketing may be an old outreach method, but it is also the way of the future. Email automation by way of technologies like email tracking is the way forward. Brands today are leveraging email automation throughout the product life cycle stages. The ability of software providers to unlock more cutting-edge data has made emails a very potent marketing tool indeed. From now on, email tracking will witness major changes that will make it even more impactful. The use of AI is one such thing we can look forward to with campaign planning becoming more and more automated. Better email tracking will enable one to craft more exclusive and almost curate email marketing campaigns bearing highly personalized messaging. The ROI obtained from it will be even higher than it already is. Besides, it will mature far quicker.

While the standard email metrics of opens and clicks will continue to be important, what is going to be increasingly important is knowing how prospects and customers will interact with their emails. Already there is email tracking software that lets one see who opened one's email and when and get an idea about how they interacted with the content they received. They provide information like slide-by-slide viewing time, information about the locations, which emails were forwarded, and viewer alerts. One does get superb intelligence about one's target audience. With all the media attention being focused on web tracking, what has gone unnoticed is an incredible amount of email tracking going on already, and not all of it is in the corporate world.

Quite a lot of it is in the personal space as well. According to some estimates, as much as 19% of normal conversational emails are now tracked. Going by the total number of emails being sent out every day is a very big number indeed. There likely won't be a single organized sales team in the online sales realm who do not use some form of email tracking. No one serious about online sales can afford not to adopt email tracking. For someone who is still unsure about the whole business of email tracking, the fact that there are any number of excellent software out there that make it possible to manage everything must give some heart.

Many of this software is free and could be effectively leveraged by the smallest businesses. In the present times of the Covid 19 pandemic, where the online universe has been a huge beacon of hope for companies and individuals worldwide, it is all the more important that one take to email marketing backed by cutting edge email tracking. It will present newer and better opportunities than one thought was possible in the prevailing dim economic scenario.

There isn't a more opportune time to turn adversity into an advantage, and there isn't a better technology than email tracking to help you do it. Any businessman or marketing professional reading this article would be well advised to implement a focused and well-planned email marketing strategy backed by the latest email tracking software.

It will provide the best value for money and the quickest possible time regardless of the industry one deploys. It's not for nothing that businesses from the Fortune 500 to Mom and Pop store level have been known to use email tracking to strengthen their email marketing campaigns with spectacular results to show for their efforts. The benefits of email tracking, as one can see, are immense.

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