How Email Tracking Helps Businesses Track Users and Improve Accuracy?

How leveraging email tracking helps business improve marketing outreach- apprise one of delivery rate, obtain the open rates and getting to know the click through rate.


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Why OpenedorNot?

Email marketing helps businesses because it is the most trusted form of communication. As many as 77% of consumers prefer emails to any other form of communication. This is why any business worth its while should deploy email tracking software like that provided by OpenedOrNot.

Why email tracking is required has to do with its ability to quantify and tabulate the success of an email campaign. As Ann Handley says, ""Make the customer the hero of your story."" This tweet is a fine example of why email tracking is so important-"" Interested in tracking email opens and clicks in Gmail and Outlook? This guide will show you how!"".

The number of email users worldwide is close to 3 billion people. One can not leverage its power. To understand how email tracking helps, one has to realize that a well-crafted email marketing campaign allows businesses to track users and improve accuracy in many ways. One out of every five emails does not get delivered by some estimates. Therefore, it is imperative that one track one's email marketing campaign to obtain a fair idea of its success and take the right steps to enhance the open RateRate, in case it is below par.

email tracking

A good email marketer will work on creating a beautiful campaign, get the segmentation of the target audience right to improve focused messaging, and send the emails out at the optimal time about the expected response from the prospect. At the same time, they should arrange to get their email marketing tracked in real-time to hone their campaign as they go along. That is how email tracking helps in the real sense. The ways it does so are as follows:

1. Apprise One of the Delivery Rate

This has a direct correlation with enhancing marketing efficiency. If the emails are not reaching the intended target audience, there's something very wrong with your email campaign. If an email campaign has a delivery rate of 95% and above, a bounce rate of less than three per cent, and a spam rate under 0.08%, you are doing everything right. This is how email tracking helps. Among the things that help enhance the deliverability of an email is the sender's profile and reputation. That apart, the frequency of an email campaign or a dramatic rise in the number of emails sent out are other factors impacting the delivery rate. Frequent switching of the email service provider too can harm the delivery rate. Knowing one's email delivery rate allows one to take the right remedial measures if required. These could be in the shape of taking care to send the emails to a curated list of contacts that possess a high click rate. The list should comprise only those who have opted in to receive the emails. There should also be a gradual increase in the number of emails you send out.

2. Obtain the Open Rates

One knows exactly how well one's email marketing campaign is faring by knowing the open rates. If your emails are not even opened, despite getting delivered, you need to look at their contents and find out what needs fixing. You are doing fine if you are clocking an average email open rate of 15 to 25 % and a click-through rate of about 2.5%. A good click-to-open rate is about 20 to 30%. That, too, is how email tracking helps. It is important to note that the industry will impact an open email rate. Apart from that, it makes sense to observe if the email rates get better with time. That gives you a fair idea about how people take to your emails. You will also determine the best content for your particular target audience.

3. Getting to Know the click-Through RateRate

If your emails achieve a high click-through RateRate, you are on the right track. A decent click-through RateRate should be in the vicinity of around 2.6%. The click-through rate measures users' engagement. It enables you to measure prospect interest and is impacted by factors like the content contained in the email, how links have been placed, and the number of links sent. Click-through rates are of two types, unique link click type, and all link click type. In the case of the former, email tracking takes into account the fact link has been clicked once. The CTR in such cases lets one know how many of the recipients clicked through the email. In the case of the all link click type of tracking, the total number of clicks through an email, including multiple links by the same recipient, are counted. The CTR, in this case, informs you of the ratio between the sent emails and the total number of visits to one's site. Yet another important answer to the question of how email tracking helps.

4. Finding Out if the Email Address is Correct

Your open rate lets you know if your email list is an updated one. The thing about email is that it is amongst the most preferred forms of communicating with one's prospects as people tend to check their emails every day. However, it is also a fact that a significant percentage of email addresses are the right ones, largely because of human error. One can obtain genuine customers through emailing if they possess real email addresses. That is why email validation is so essential component of the process of collecting stellar quality data.

Collect quality data in the form of correct email addresses to verify the email addresses. This prevents fraud and enhances one's ability to establish a creditable profile. The good thing about email marketing is that people who purchase goods on email marketing spend 138% more than those who receive no such email offers. McKinsey holds that email is almost 40 times more productive than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping a business obtain new clients. Of course, to have such outcomes, you need to ensure that you send emails to prior vetted and verified email addresses. Doing so eliminates the possibility of hard bounces, reduces the number of spam complaints, and prevents one from getting blocked.

To achieve this, you have got to adhere to certain rules. Stellar data quality is the very first one. You should check the quality of your email addresses regularly with the help of an email validation tool. The second thing you have to be doing is periodically review your database. Email subscribers who don't engage with you should be struck off the list. The more responsive, interested, and engaged the mailing list is, the better the expected responses from a targeted mailing campaign. Emailing has been a way of life for most of us over the past many years. We have taken it for granted and found it irritating and intrusive at times.

However, the matter is that there is no getting away from it, and even savvy marketers have learned to leverage cutting-edge technology to get the most out of it. Good old emailing provides the biggest bang for the buck for all the noise and commotion surrounding social media marketing and SEO. This is something that a business would ignore at its peril. Any business serious about growing needs to work assiduously to refine and update its email data lists. A well-curated data list is like a gold mine that you can keep returning to and obtain handsome returns—yet another way to address the question of how email tracking helps.

email tracking

Of course, email marketing involves leveraging technology and crafting a clever strategy to target those primed to buy and not waste your time connecting with those who have no interest in your products and services. In the early days of enal marketing, there was no way of telling whether you were reaching out to the right people or not. Still, modern email marketing tools give you a precise idea of whom you are mailing to and how likely they are to respond to your offers.

With this kind of a highly calibrated approach, email marketing is bound to outperform most other forms of marketing outreach. Any digital marketing which is seriously thinking of acing the digital sales force has to include email marketing as a part of its marketing funnel. This is known to the biggest brands and trans-national corporations globally, and they leverage the power of emailing for all that it's worth.

The fact that it costs nothing like a typical digital advertising budget makes email marketing all the more attractive for businesses and organizations across industry and scale. The fact that there are relatively inexpensive tools to help an organization maximize its returns from email marketing makes it an even more attractive proposition. As we advance, we can expect to see email marketing backed by cutting-edge apps revolutionize the digital marketing strategies of all kinds of businesses. With the deployment of AI causing a paradigm shift in the efficiency levels of email marketing, we are poised at the cusp of a new email marketing revolution. Things can only get better from here on.


How to email tracking helps is a question that doesn't even need to be asked. Email marketing continues to be hugely important for several reasons. For one, it happens to be one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies with the highest ROIs. This is great news for businesses with tight marketing budgets. That is practically everyone in these pandemic times. Compare this with the thousands and thousands of dollars one needs to spend on advertising budgets, and the usefulness of email marketing becomes very apparent indeed.

For every dollar spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is as high as 122%. Secondly, email marketing helps link the myriad marketing channels a business deploys and make one's marketing initiatives bear fruit. Every marketing initiative encompassing social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, and so on may generate the initial interest amongst the target audience. There is, however, no guarantee that it would lead to any concrete action on the latter's part. Follow-up by email ensures that it does. Businesses see 174% more conversion through email marketing than through social media. Thirdly, email marketing creates a personalized experience for one's target market. Some 74% of marketers think that personalized email content enhances customer engagement. Using personalization in one's emails leads to the prospect feeling that they are experiencing a one-to-one interaction, making them more forthcoming in their response.

Fourthly, you can hope to obtain new clients and retain your existing ones with the help of targeted email. Email tracking and automation can help you strategically engage with existing customers and new prospects and get them to take positive and affirmative action about your product. While companies can carry out product promotion well with the help of social media marketing or advertising, 77% of people would prefer receiving opted-in promotional emails. Fifthly, email marketing enables A/B testing to zero in on the most effective messaging templates that help you obtain the best possible results.

This helps you effectively leverage the power of customer data to serve the best interests of your business. Sixthly, the mobile-first phenomenon that involves people checking their email on their mobile devices too has given a fillip to email marketing. This is expected with mobile users checking their emails more than three times a day and 70% of people reading their emails via a mobile app. Therefore, there is every reason to continue to leverage the power of mobile email marketing. The answer to how email tracking helps is quite clear. How email search helps is by making email marketing a huge success.

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