What Is A Mail Tracker Extension & Why You Need One

Email tracking software enables you to track email opens and clicks in real-time. So, they quickly let you track how your email marketing campaigns are doing.


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Why OpenedorNot?

Recent growth in digital marketing has redefined the face of email marketing. Getting emails into the addresses of recipients is no longer enough. Nowadays, email marketing is complete not because you get the mail to a valid address but because you receive feedback if your email is opened or not.

It is now possible to know if a recipient interacts with your mail with the help of mail tracking tools. Email tracking software enables you to track email opens and clicks in real-time. So, they quickly let you track how your email marketing campaigns are doing.

This Is Why Your Business Needs A Mail Tracker Extension

On average, email marketing has the highest overall ROI compared to other marketing techniques. With the latest scope of technology, our email communication must be bang on target every single time in marketing outreach. Here are some reasons why your business needs a mail tracking extension:

Email tracking extension

Your sales team will be able to focus on only convertible clients. The software makes it easy to recognize clients who have enough interest in your content. Therefore, they can focus their energy on these convertible leads instead of the traditional spray and pray sales tactics.

You will be able to know your history with your clients. Whether your emails are opened or not, you will learn how much of your content the client is aware of. And will know what to follow up with. In some cases, you can use the way clients interact with your email to draw up their socio-economic profile. Email trackers automate your marketing process. Once you have put the relevant triggers in place, the software automates your remaining procedures. This will help your business achieve scale quickly and expand your market, reach, and profitability.

You know who to follow up with and not bother with subsequent emails. Email tracking tools ensure that your marketing emails no longer head to the spam folder but are read and acted upon. If you notice your emails are consistently being left unread, that might mean the recipient won't be interested in future emails.

Email tracking extension lets you know when a mail is opened. This can be vital at strategic times in marketing. For instance, a recipient cannot open an email in the heat of the moment. But does so at a later time—be it weeks or months later—and click your link, you will automatically be alerted that the email is opened. You can then send follow-up emails immediately and can complete the conversion.

What A Mail Tracker Extension Is

A mail tracker extension gets you a real-time notification when the recipient opens your emails. The chrome extension tracks all emails and links and provides you with real-time updates

Real-time Notification

How Mail Tracker Extensions Work

Mail tracker extensions are designed for Chrome. They automatically add a small image, 1x1 pixel size, to the body of each email you send. Once the email is opened, the browser requests the server to download the image. This request will be broken down, indicating that the email has been opened.

This tool mainly handles recruitment, follow-up of leads, job applicants, and partners. You will know if and when to follow up with emails if the recipient didn't reply after opening the email. If your email goes unanswered, the receiver might have forgotten to reply, or something got their attention before they could reply.

Alternatively, if subsequent emails get opened and remain unanswered, the recipient might simply not be interested in whatever you are offering them. So this helps you to decide if you still want the recipient on your mailing list or not.

Mail trackers are excellent tools for measuring your strategies' effectiveness and cleaning your mailing list in email marketing.

How To Use A Mail Tracker

Email tracking technology can improve the customer experience if used responsibly. To get the best out of your mail tracker, you need to set some guardrails for your team. This will let them know when to follow-up a recipient after receiving a read notification.

Furthermore, you should disclose the proper use of email tracking tools in your company's privacy policy. When people sign up for email subscriptions, you should disclose that email tracking is in use. This will ensure you create an excellent customer experience.

Once these fundamentals have been done, you should install your email tracking app. With Openedornot, you get live notifications when someone opens or clicks your emails. In addition, you get real-time updates and invaluable insights from customer interactions.

Now that your email tracking extension is running, you need to compose an email. The content of your email is the most critical stage of using the software. If your content is below par, recipients will close as fast as they opened your mail, and you end up getting a false notification. Make sure the contents of your email is direct, engaging, and concise. Enable the right call to action and make sure your subject is catchy. Hit the send button.

With your emails on their way, monitor your read receipts with your mail tracking app. Openedornot uses a checkbox to signify which email to track. In addition, the software lets you customize the result you want with other unique features.

Which Mail Tracker Extension To Use

It is crucial to get a proficient email tracking extension for your business. You can choose to get a basic mail tracking tool or one that has an encompassing capacity. Which Mail Tracker Extension To Use Openedornot is not a basic mail tracking tool. Although it performs its primary email tracking duty effectively, the software has other features that improve the productivity of your business. Its other features are read receipts, link tracking, daily reports, excellent interface, dashboard extension, dedicated history, and activities pages.

Another reason why you should use Openedornot is that it is affordable. For as low as $14.99 per month/user, you get unlimited access to all the software's features. In addition, if you have less than eleven users, you can use the software free of charge.


The growth of your email marketing hinges on how much certainty you can bring into your emailing. Email tracking guarantees that your email will be delivered and lest you know when to follow up. As a business owner, email tracking will improve the productivity of your sales team. You will also communicate more effectively with your prospects and build a lasting relationship with customers. This is why Openedornot is built—to empower your business to grow better through the email marketing process.

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